The Quantum Inspired Technology Fund

2xN was founded by Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, a Silicon Valley operator turned investor, and Niels Nielsen, an entrepreneur and pioneer investor in Quantum Computing to bring the true, high-growth value of network effects to early-stage founders.

The 2xN team offers a unique “best of both worlds” approach that merges the platform service typically seen from institutional investors with the kind of dedicated, hands-on trusted support of angels.


The currency of networking is giving, not taking.

The competitive landscape in European VC is undergoing a seismic shift – triggered by the arrival of US funds and fuelled by the evolving market conditions that are playing out before us. Today, European investment decisions are made at a pace not previously dreamt of. Founders evaluate potential investors based on merit and referrals from other founders. Family offices and alliances of smaller funds are increasingly the preferred choice by founders.

Led by Valley Veteran, Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen and entrepreneur and pioneer investor in Quantum Computing, Niels Nielsen, 2xN represents the future of investing.

We back the founders having the greatest impacts in society as we push towards a quantum future. The firm invests in and supports the visionaries solving problems across some of life’s most vital sectors and services – education, work, mobility, marketplaces and deep tech (quantum).

  • We place collaboration ahead of deal domination.
  • We swap generalist and catch-all deals in favour of targeting society’s most important sectors.
  • We put the collective success of our partnerships and portfolio ahead of the successes of individuals.
  • We move at the pace today’s markets and founders demand and bring together deep and specific sector experience to push forward the sectors of the future.

Our mission is to create positive network effects for founders and investors. Our “best of both worlds approach” merges the professionalism and processes of a large fund with the agility and personal nature of super angels. The approach gives founders access to the reach of a platform of services and network of people. The core platform is built on an alliance of like-minded though diverse people with operating experience. All while becoming plugged into networks of fellow founders from within the same sectors, all of whom are working to solve some of society’s biggest challenges.

In this way, 2xN is creating an alliance of independent, trusted hands-on investors and operators, a venture capital API.


Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen was General Partner at Balderton Capital in London from 2015-2021 through four funds. He joined after spending a decade in Silicon Valley where he was with Uber and Dropbox.

Since 2012 his venture track record includes two IPOs (Uber, Dropbox) and 11 acquisitions.

Lars joined Balderton from Uber which he joined when the company was operating in less than 20 cities. His role as Vice-President resulted in strategic alliances. Lars joined Uber from Dropbox as one of the company’s first 25 employees. As Head of Mobile, his growth deals with Samsung and other mobile OEMs helped Dropbox reach its first 100 million users. Prior to that Lars held positions at Voicesignal (acq. Nuance), Skyhook Wireless (acq. TruePosition), Ness Technologies (acq. Opentable), 3Jam (acq. Skype) and T9 Tegic (acq. AOL). More than a billion people have used the software and services distributed as a result of mobile growth partnerships led by Lars.

His venture investments include Voi (Raine), Labster (A16Z), Hiya (Ericsson), Cambridge Quantum Computing (HON), Hopin (A16Z), Opensea (A16Z), Yassir (YC), Beacon (Eric Schmidt), The org (Sequoia), Octant (A16Z), Zycada (Khosla), Monarch Money (Accel) and Kukua (Tencent), Dubsmash (acq. Reddit), Tempow (acq. Google), Rahko (acq. Odyssey Therapeutics), Pocket (acq. Mozilla), Blue Bottle (acq. Nestle), Marble (acq. Caterpillar).

Lars, who is Danish-Portuguese, grew up across Africa and served with the Royal Danish Guards. He holds a MBA from London Business School, where he also serves on the Board of Trustees, an MSc from Oxford University Keble College and a BSc from King’s College, London. He lives in London with his wife and three children.

Niels Nielsen is a London based entrepreneur and tech investor. He is focusing on 2xN’s efforts within quantum technology.

Niels was the Chairman and an early investor in Cambridge Quantum Computing, a world-leading independent quantum computing software company. Cambridge Quantum eventually merged with Honeywell Quantum Solutions to form Quantinuum, one of the largest and most advanced integrated quantum computing companies in the world. Niels is on the board of Quantinuum.

His other technology investments include Darktrace (DARK), Divido, Trade Ledger, Kompasbank, The Plum Guide, WealthKernel, Labster, Tomorrow, Field (formerly Virmati Energy), Protium Green Solutions, Kbox Global, QuantrolOx and Celus.

Niels has invested in and managed a number of businesses within financial services (Zedra, LGT Vestra, Vistra, Kinetic Partners, Saffron Tax, Gabelle Tax and others) as well as invested in Tuxedo Money Solutions and Ecoveritas. Niels is also the co-owner of Azure Hotels.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business and Economics at Brown University, and his MBA from Yale School of Management.

Johan is a Partner & Chief Operating Officer at 2xN.

Johan has a background as a lawyer qualified in Sweden and England & Wales, and he has spent most of his career working with investments in private markets. After working in private practice, he spent the past 10 years at Partners Group based in Switzerland, the U.S. and London, where he was the Head of Investment Operations.

Prior to joining 2xN, Johan was a Partner & COO at GP Bullhound. In his work within the asset management industry Johan has had a particular focus on various private markets investments globally, including directs (lead and co-investments) and fund investments (primaries and secondaries) across private equity, venture capital & real assets with particular expertise in building and managing legal, transaction management and operational teams and developing their processes.

Johan is Swedish and holds an LL.M. degree from Uppsala University.

Evgenia is a Principal at 2xN.

Evgenia is an entrepreneur and VC investor with a finance background. Prior to joining the team in April 2021, she worked at Round Hill Ventures, a London-based PropTech VC.

She also co-founded and managed for 3 years a start-up in Paris, France – an Artificial intelligence solution for talent management. Evgenia started her career in finance, working 6 years for Barclays, BNP Paribas and Credit Agricole, in M&A, audit and consulting.

Evgenia is French and holds a Master in Management Grande Ecole degree from HEC Paris and an MBA from London Business School.

Prior to joining 2xN, Kris was Head of Product for ORCA Computing, a photonic quantum computing startup spun out of his PhD. There he was responsible for the product, technology roadmap, business development and sales activities.

Kris has over a decade of experience in both blue-sky and applied research in photonics and quantum technologies, having previously worked at top research institutions including the University of Geneva, University of Oxford, University of Warsaw and ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences in Spain.

Kris is Polish and holds a PhD from the University of Oxford.